QlikMaps for Points: Marker Properties

Behind the scenes, QlikView resolves the Dimensions and Expressions for QlikMaps exactly as it would for any out-of-the-box sheet Chart Object, such as a Straight Table. It is often helpful to first build a Straight Table object before building a QlikMaps object in order to work out any data issues and problems with formulae that are unrelated to QlikMaps.

Straight Table

An analogous Straight Table for a “QlikMaps for Points” object is defined as follows:

  • Dimension1: Dimension
  • Dimension2: Latitude
  • Dimension3: Longitude
  • Expression1: Size
  • Expression2: Popup Text
  • Expression3: Marker Icon
  • Expression4: Sticky Popups
  • Expression5: Spider Expression
  • Expression6: Radial Expression

Marker Properties

Marker Properties

The typical Properties windows in QlikMaps for Points.


Select a field in your data model that defines the business meaning of the points you want to plot. This is the value that will be used as a selector when lassoing points from the map.


Select a field in your data model that defines the latitude for each point. The latitude must be in WGS84 decimal degree format.


Select a field in your data model that defines the longitude for each point. The longitude must be in WGS84 decimal degree format.


This is where you specify the size (in pixels) of the diameter of the markers on the map. This value can be static or variable since it is a standard QlikView expression.

This expression must return either a numeric value or be blank. If given a numeric value, QlikMaps will render a marker or icon using the numeric value as the length and width of each side in pixels (for instance, returning "22" will set the marker icon size to 22 by 22 pixels). If given a blank, the image will render at its actual size.

NOTE: As of QlikMaps 2.1.1, there is a third option for the size expression. An Icon can can be given a non-square size by sending an expression formatted like "XxY" (for instance, to render a marker icon sized as a rectangle 40 pixels wide by 20 pixels tall, return the expression "40x20"). Non-Square shapes are only available when using Icons and not markers.

See also: Variable-sized Bubble Plots

Popup Text

This is where you specify the popup text that appears when a user clicks on a marker. This expression must return a text value. The expression can return a simple text value, or it can return a value that is in HTML format, or return a null value of "-" to suppress popups on a per-row basis.

See the following for examples of customizing the “Popup Text” field:

Marker Icon

This is where you specify the icon(s) to be used for the map markers. This expression can use one several different formats. See below:

If this expression does not return a valid value, no marker will be displayed. QlikMaps will not return an error.

Sticky Popups

The Sticky Popups button has been moved to Sticky Popups under map properties.

Spider Expression

Radial Expression