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How do I fill in holes or gaps in my polygons?

When working with polygons, whether custom or pre-configured, you may find polygons that have holes or gaps in them that you want filled. QGIS has built-in functions to help remove these holes or gaps manually.

NOTE: If you create custom polygons that have holes in them, there may be an issue with your data. It is recommended to re-check the integrity of your data before manually editing your polygons.

Load the shapefile

Load the shapefile into QGIS, and select the layer by clicking on the layer in the Layers panel.

Select the polygon(s)

Toggle Editing

Enable Delete Ring editing

Enable Delete Ring editing

Click on the hole/gap

If there are no issues with the polygon, the hole/gap will be removed and the polygon will be filled in that area.

Save changes

Click the Toggle Editing button again and accept to save changes.