Overlays can be used in 2 ways:

  1. The first is to place external layers, such as weather, on top of the map. This allows you to quickly pull external layers that add context to your data without going through the effort of integrating the layer in to your data model.
  2. Another common use replaces the base map with an external layer. This is common when using custom base maps or indoor mapping.

Keep the following in mind when using external overlay layers.

  • WMS/WMTS Layers and images may rely on publicly-available servers. Data availability is not a guarantee.
  • Some servers provide HTTPS connections while others are only HTTP; this may cause issues in some environments that do not allow content from mixed HTTP and HTTPS servers.
  • External WMS/WMTS layers must use the WGS8 - EPSG: 4326 coordinate system.
  • Some external layers only work at certain zoom levels set by the server.

Server Type

Toggle between the use of a WMS, WMTS/Tile or Image.

Server URL

Enter the URL of the server containing the layer to be displayed on the map.

WMS Example:


WMTS/Tile Example:


Image Example:




NOTE: As shown above, an image stored in the QlikMaps Extension folder in the /img folder can be referenced simply by using the name of the image and its file extension.

Layer Title

Enter the title to be displayed in the layer selection box.

WMS Layer Names

Only available when the WMS radio button is selected.

A comma-delimited list can be used for the different layers returned by the WMS server.

NorthEast Corner / SouthWest Corner

Only available when the image radio button is selected

Provide the y/x coordinates of the top right (NorthEast) and bottom left (SouthWest) of the image based on the coordinate scale of the points plotted.

Default Layer On

If checked, the layer will be turned on by default.

Enable Popups

If checked, popups will be enabled.

Popups from a WMS or WMTS server are not customizable and will only display what the server provides in the layer stream.

NOTE: The correct popup will only display while the layer is toggled on and is the only WMS or Tile (WMTS) layer toggled on.