Qlik Sense Editor


We have heard from some customers that inconsistencies in how the Sense Editor interacts with extensions such as QlikMaps has made development more difficult than necessary.

There are many different ways to format expressions in the Sense Editor that will render the intended map, however, this article is intended to give you the best and most consistent way. For more detailed information, see the 'QlikMaps and the Sense Expression Editor' video.



  1. Open the Expression Editor using the Fx button.
  2. Select the field name from the drop down and insert.
  3. Click apply.

 Note: For calculated Dimensions, See Calculated Dimensions .


Measures with text are handled differently than Measures without text.


Measure without text example:



Measure with text example:

'Receipts - '&Sum(Sales)
'<b>Office</b> = ' & OfficeName & '<br>'

Measures without Text

  1. Open the Expression Editor using the Fx button.
  2. Type in the expression.
  3. Enclose the entire expression in single quotes.
  4. Click Apply.

Measures with Text

Popup content often has Text that makes up the HTML code used for the pop up.

1. Open the Expression Editor using the Fx button.

2. Place a single quote on Line 1.

3. Place a single quote on Line 3.

4. Write your expression on line 2. (More lines may be used as necessary as long as the original single quotes from step 2 and step 3 stay above and below the expression.)

5. Any single quote not created in step 2 or step 3 should be replaced with two single quotes.

6. Click apply.



'<b>Office</b> = ' & OfficeName & '<br>'



''<b>Office</b> = '' & OfficeName & ''<br>''