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Create a Red/Yellow/Green Polygons "Stoplight" Map

Edit the Fill Color expression in Polygon Properties

A heat map can be configured by editing the expression for the “Fill Color” expression in the “Polygon Properties” section. If you want to create a “Stoplight” map by shading polygons red/yellow/green, you need to create update the “Fill Color” expression so it returns one of the 3 following values:


For example, if your thresholds are:

  • Red: Less than or 70%
  • Yellow: Between 70 and 90%
  • Green: Greater than 90%

the resulting “Fill Color” formula should look something like this:

=	if(aggr(Sum(Sales),Zip) <= .7, Red(),
	if(aggr(Sum(Sales),Zip) <= .9, Yellow(),
	Green() ))