Create a basic popup

By default, QlikMaps creates popups automatically using the dimension and size expression.

If an older versions of QlikMaps is used or there is a need for customized popups, more advanced techniques can be used.

Below are a number of examples of advanced expressions that can be used to customize popups with HTML.

Edit the Popup Expression

Expand the popup caption and un-check the Auto Generate Popups under the layer where the popup is being modified.

The popup text being used for basic popups can be viewed by clicking on the Fx button. It should look similar to the text below.

''<div style="text-align:center;">
	<b>'' & [SalesmanName] & ''</b>
	Receipts  '' & num(Sum([Receipts]), ''#,###.'') & ''

Notice the additional single quotes. For information on why additional single quotes are needed see Qlik Sense Editor.

[SalesmanName] is a field that is used as a dimension.

Sum(Receipts) is the measure for the size of the marker used.

All other text is standard HTML. Using this type of formatting, any HTML can be used in the popup.