Custom Configuration

The Administrator Console allows advanced configuration of UniverseBridge.

Navigate to  http://myserver:8080/UniverseBridge/Admin.jsp to modify the UniverseBridge Administrator Console.

NOTE: Configuration is necessary for each node in a multi-node environment.

Set Connection Options

Set Connection Options

Most instances of UniverseBridge run under the Tomcat web server found within Business Objects. However, in certain situations it may be necessary to run the web server separate from Business Objects.

If your environment uses load balancers, you must set this configuration for each server node that hosts UniverseBridge.

NOTE: If the web server where UniverseBridge is installed is independent of Business Objects, you can use the Set Connection Options tab to point toward the Business Objects RESTful Web Services API endpoint. Remember that this URL is the Business Objects RESTful endpoint that the server hosting UniverseBridge will connect to, so this URL must be reachable by that server (not necessarily your computer, or another UniverseBridge user's computer). For instance, if your UniverseBridge server is hosted on UB1 and your Business Objects server is hosted on BOBJ1, you would set this URL to something like http://BOBJ1:6405/biprws, since the server hosting UniverseBridge will need to connect to the server hosting Business Objects.

Authentication Options

Authentication Options

If checked, the authentication option will be provided to any user using Universe Bridge to connect to a Webi Report.

Unchecking the authentication option will remove the option from the authentication list.

It is also possible to reorder the list by click-dragging an option up or down on the list. Once saved, this will re-order the list found on the UniverseBridge home page.

Data Refresh Options

Data Refresh Options
  • “Always refresh” allows administrators to force all reports to be refreshed from warehouse (or underlying data source). If checked, the "Refresh Data" check box will not be available in the wizard.
  • “Automatically Refresh Refresh on Open Documents” allows administrators to force all reports set to “refresh on open” at the WebI level to be refreshed from warehouse (or underlying data source).  If checked, the "Refresh Data" check box will not be available in the wizard.
  • “Allow Users to Selectively Refresh” allows administrators to decide whether or not to expose the"Refresh Data" check box in the wizard

Set Prompts/Parameters Options

UniverseBridge will allow the use of prompts/parameters. Depending on the selection, users will be able to type in answers to prompts, refresh, or search for parameters from a List of Values (LOV).

Set Scheduled/Instances Options

  • If Always Use Latest Instance is set checked, the checkbox on the frontend will be forced on when creating the data connection. Then after that data connection is saved in Tableau, anytime the data  connection is refreshed (which is a requests from UniverseBridge), it will  use the latest instance as found at the time of the refresh.
  • If Allow Users to Retrieve Data from Latest Instance is selected, the checkbox on the UB frontend Step 2 will be enabled. If it's checked when the user clicks on a document, UniverseBridge will check Business Objects to see if an instance exists for that document. If so, it will use the latest one. If not, it will continue with the base document. When the data connection is refreshed it will use the same logic.

UniverseBridge WDC URL

UniverseBridge WDC URL

The value should be set to "default" in most situations (all lowercase). However, if you can see results when using UniverseBridge through the browser but not through Tableau, "default" may need to be modified.

Causes are often a load balancer or proxy that causes the UniverseBridge Wizard to be accessed at a different location than where UniverseBridge is installed. Replace "Default" with the URL where UniverseBridge is installed.