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Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode

UniverseBridge does not support Internet Explorer in compatibility mode.

If you are using IE with certain internet options, you may see UniverseBridge unstyled and looking similar to the image below.

It is also possible in later versions of UniverseBridge that you will see a warning message similar to the image below.

This is often due to Internet Explorer defaulting to Compatibility View for certain sites.

Depending on security settings, it may be possible for you to change which sites use compatibility mode using the MSDN article here. It may be that your Network Administrator must make the necessary changes.

It is also possible to change settings for the current session using Internet Explorer's Developer Tools.

To change the settings for the Internet Explorer Session:

1. Tap the F12 button to open the Developer Tools.

2. Click the Emulation tab on the Developer Tools toolbar.

3. Under the "Document mode" dropdown select the top-most option (10 or Edge)