Purpose of UniverseBridge

UniverseBridge enables users to access business logic contained in SAP BusinessObjects Universes and leverage it in a maintenance-free manner in a number of BI tools. This solution was designed with business users in mind, so it is easy to use for those who are not SAP BusinessObjects experts.

The underlying design theme of UniverseBridge is to utilize SAP BusinessObjects itself to process any SQL generation so that the results you see in your BI tool are exactly the results you see in SAP BusinessObjects.

Anyone with appropriate access to a SAP BusinessObjects report will be able to harvest data from that report using UniverseBridge. UniverseBridge preserves all data authentications and authorizations governed by SAP BusinessObjects, including row-level security, report access, Universe access, etc. There is no data or ACL security compromise using UniverseBridge vs. running the reports manually in an SAP client.


UniverseBridge uses JSP technology to connect with the SAP BusinessObjects Server.  This is important for two main reasons:

1)  No extra servers are needed.  You can use the same application server (usually Tomcat) that hosts your SAP web-based clients to also host UniverseBridge

2)  UniverseBridge queries are simply exposed to users parameterized URL's, also known as a "query string." This makes it easy for users to script and automate UniverseBridge queries.  While this process is straightforward, UniverseBridge also provides a user-friendly, web-based "Service Configurator" or "wizard" to help build the URL's for you.  Many UniverseBridge users use the Service Configurator as a starting point, then never use it again; they simply tweak the URL manually to interact directly with UniverseBridge.

UniverseBridge Architecture

Form additional information on how UniverseBridge fits into your existing environment, please refer to the UniverseBridge Architecture document below.

More information

For installation, see: UniverseBridge Installation

For usage, see: Configuring data providers