Connecting through Tableau Server

By default, Tableau Server ships with a firewall that prevents web data connectors (WDCs) from being refreshed if they are not local on the server. Tableau Server must be configured to allow clients to refresh web data connectors to use UniverseBridge.

NOTE: The code below uses the word 'insecure'. This is a bit of a misnomer. This setting tells Tableau server that all WDC's are valid, no matter where they come from. Since the Tableau server is locked behind a firewall, only WDC's coming from within the network are valid. This means that your server is NOT 'insecure' because of UniverseBridge.

Run Commands on Tableau Server

The following commands must be issued on the Tableau Server Windows Command Window (cmd.exe), or PowerShell.

White lists web data connectors on the Tableau Server.

tabadmin set webdataconnector.whitelist.mode insecure 


Saves Configuration.

tabadmin config

You must restart your Tableau Server for the change to take effect.


Publish Data Source to Tableau Server

Beginning in Tableau Server 9.3, a datasource scheduled for refresh on the Tableau Server must have embedded credentials.

When promoting a new workbook and creating a new datasource to UniverseBridge, it is possible that you will encounter the dialogue in the image notifying you to embed the credentials. It is ok to simply click 'Yes'.

Publish Data Source to Tableau Server