Configuring Load Balancers

When configuring UniverseBridge behind a load balancer, you'll need to set the Base URL and the WDC (Web Data Connector) URL on each node. It is important to configure all nodes properly, since each UniverseBridge node will have its own configuration options.

The Base URL is what UniverseBridge thinks of as the Business Objects' endpoint. The WDC URL is what the client thinks of as UniverseBridge's endpoint.

Change and save all nodes' Base URL to http://localhost:6405/biprws (or HTTPS if possible) if deployed alongside BOBJ or, whatever Business Objects endpoint UniverseBridge should connect to.

Change and save all nodes' WDC URL to http://<load-balanced-URL>:8080/UniverseBridge/ (or HTTPS if possible).

You can then use the load balanced URL to reach UniverseBridge in your tool of choice.

When extract requests come to UniverseBridge, it will use the Base URL to connect to Business Objects.

When Tableau WDCs are refreshed, they will use the WDC URL to connect to UniverseBridge, which will then use the Base URL to connect to Business Objects.

Other configuration options (such as License keys or Authentication sorting) will also need to be changed and saved for each node.