Connecting through Tableau

Data stored in a WebI report can easily be pulled in to Tableau using UniverseBridge.

NOTE: The Tableau Data Connection Simulator has been included in the UniverseBridge install. For more information, go to to Test Tableau Connection.

NOTE: If using Tableau Server, see Connecting through Tableau Server .

Connect to UniverseBridge

In most environments, UniverseBridge will be at the same location as your SAP BusinessObjects BOE.  For example, if you go to this URL in order to access the CMC:


You will go to this URL to access UniverseBridge


Insert the UniverseBridge URL in the address bar of the Tableau Web Connector.

Log in to SAP BusinessObjects

Select a Document

After logging in you will be taken to the 'Select a Document' tab. Select the document containing the data to be pulled in to Tableau.

Choose a data provider

If there is more than one data provider available, select one.

Click 'Send to Tableau'.

If  the "Allow Users to Selectively Refresh" is enabled on the Admin page, a check box will also be available to allow the user to refresh the document. See Custom Configuration for more details.